Andrew Stergiopoulos

September 11, 2009

I want everyone who reads this, to get to know a little about Andrew Stergiopoulos, known as Sterg to his family and friends. Please remember to say a prayer for his familyand those who were blessed enough to know him in life, as I just met him while working on the Project 2,996 a tribute to all of those who died in the attack on the United States 9-11-01.

Sterg was born March 7, 1978.  He died Septemeber 11, 2001 at the age of 23.

Sterg was a most amazing young man. He was a very special person, who by all accounts was humble, popular, smart, kind, devoted, happy, an athlete  and a leader.  I can add another 100 great things about him, but I believe you get the drift-he was no ordinary person. He was extraordinary. One person wrote this about Sterg-“His life embodied the values of leadership, academic and athletic achievement,  sportsmanship, diligence and empathy. In twenty three and one half years,  he made a profound and lasting impact on everyone he met.” 

That was just an opening statement on his life. Can you imagine where his life would have taken him and how much we need Americans like this in our world? While researching Sterg I was hoping to be able to tell the world something about him. So much has been written about Sterg by people who write much better than I. 

What a lesson this has been for me! This is probably the most amazing person I ever met! I want to thank his family for his life. I want to thank his parents for raising such a talented, and special person. I want to let them know that  Sterg is still teaching people and meeting people and making a positive impact on people who are just meeting him for the first time and that he is an inspiration.

For those who would like to learn more about this amazing young man-please visit these links. His family continues to give to other’s in many ways – they write this on his foundation

After Andrew’s passing on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center, his family and friends determined that the best way to commemorate his extraordinary gifts was to continue giving. We have established The Andrew Stergiopoulos Foundation as the vehicle through which Andrew’s outstanding qualities continue to have widespread impact. The Foundation carries out its commemorative mission in four principal ways:

  • The Andrew Stergiopoulos Scholarship Award at George Washington University. Starting in Fall 2005, the Foundation, in collaboration with the faculty and administration of GW, has given this Award to student in the George Washington University School of Business and Public Management. The Award is a cash gift, traditionally in the amount of $2,500, and is given to a student who exhibits Andrew’s outstanding qualities, including academic and athletic achievement, leadership and vision. The Foundation selects each year’s recipient based on an application and a faculty recommendation, and the recipient is eligible to use the Award to defray tuition or work study costs or for a special research project. The Foundation will continue to distribute this Award annually.
  • The Andrew Stergiopoulos Leadership Award at Great Neck North High School. Starting in Spring 2002, the Foundation, in collaboration with the faculty and administration of Great Neck North High School, annually has given this Award to one or two graduating seniors. This Award traditionally has taken the form of a cash gift in the amount of $500. Recipients are encouraged to use the proceeds of the Award to further their college studies and their leadership activities. Recipients of this Award are students who have demonstrated leadership on and off the sports field, have excelled in academic and extracurricular settings and have evidenced a commitment to sportsmanship and inclusiveness. The Foundation selects recipients from a group of candidates recommended by the faculty of Great Neck North High School. The Foundation will continue to distribute this Award annually.     
  • The Andrew Stergiopoulos Great Neck Bruins Awards Game and Ceremony. Starting on March 10, 2007, and annually thereafter, The Andrew Stergiopoulos Foundation, in collaboration with Great Neck Park district officials, will host the Andrew Stergiopoulos Great Neck Bruins Awards Game and Ceremony at the Andrew Stergiopoulos Ice Rink at the Parkwood Sports Complex. At this game, Great Neck Bruins ice hockey players in the mite, squirt, peewee and bantam divisions will play a series of games at the Andrew Stergiopoulos Ice Rink. Those games will be followed by an Awards Ceremony in which one player in each age division will be given the Andrew Stergiopoulos Most Valuable Player Award, in recognition of the player’s contributions to the Great Neck ice hockey program over the course of the season.The Foundation coordinated the process that led to the naming of the Andrew Stergiopoulos Ice Rink, and since 2002, the Foundation has made annual contributions to the Great Neck ice hockey program and the Andrew Stergiopoulos Ice Rink.
  • St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church in Hempstead, Long Island and St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in lower Manhattan. Andrew grew up in St. Paul’s church. He was baptized there, attended Sunday school and worshipped there with his family. Andrew’s experiences at St. Paul’s instilled in him certain of the values that would serve him in all his endeavors, and through Andrew’s example, would impact so many others. The Foundation has made contributions to St. Paul’s, and will continue to do so from time to time. St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in lower Manhattan was destroyed on September 11, 2001. The Foundation has contributed to the rebuilding of St. Nicholas, and Andrew’s name will be inscribed on a plaque in the rebuilt church


He was the kind of person everyone hopes their sons will grow up to be like and the type of person you hope your daughter will marry.  I am amazed of his accomplishments in only 23 and a half years of life.  I pray for his family and his friends. I thank God for Sterg’s life. I damn those who took him from this world.


I Have My Hero’s Name………….My Heart Hurts

August 27, 2009
Sterg 1995 and 1996
Sterg 1995 and 1996

Project 2996

August 23, 2009

Please sign up to post a tribute to one of the 2,996 Americans that lost their life in the terror attack on the United States, Spetember 11th, 2001.

It is called Project 2,996 and if you Google it it will take you to their site with info on how t et a free Blog site at World Press-this is the thank you I receivedd from Dale C. Roe-

Thank you for signing up for Project 2,996.

Unfortunately, though I got your sign up information, I didn’t get a web address for you, so I have nowhere to direct people in order to read your tribute.  If you didn’t supply a the URL for your blog or website (or if I just missed it), please respond back to me with your URL.

If you don’t have a blog or website right now, keep reading…
Many people who want to participate in Project 2,996 don’t have their own blog or website. I get a lot of questions asking if they can host their tributes on Facebook, or MySpace or similar networking platforms.
The short answer is yes, but I’d rather you didn’t. The reason is simple. Strangers can’t read about these people. And although they aren’t very vocal about it, I do know that some of the families of those lost on 9/11 have read tributes to their loved ones, friends, and even strangers. The whole purpose of Project 2,996 is to get there 2,996 stories out there on the web for all to find. Now if you want to cross-post your tribute everywhere under the sun I’ll be your biggest cheerleader. And if all you have is something like Facebook, I’m certainly not going to stop you from signing up.
However, this year I am able to offer some additional options for those who would like their tributes available to all.
I want a Blog – If you’ve wanted a blog (or website) for a while but are just unsure ho to get started, the easiest way to get started is to go to and create a new account, and then just continue on and create a blog. It’ll only take a few minutes to get started.
I don’t want a blog, I just want to put my tribute on the web – I can help here, too. I have created a new blog, Friends of Project 2,996 that will contain nothing but tributes to the victims of 9/11. I’m opening this blog up to anyone who wants to write a tribute. All you have to do is visit and create an account. Then email me (dcroe05 at, Subject: “Add me to Friends of Project 2,996″, and give me the email address you used when you created your WordPress account and I’ll get you added to the Friends of Project 2,996 blog.

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August 23, 2009

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Hello world!

August 18, 2009


This is my first real Blog. I volunteered to write a tribute piece on one of the American citizens who lost their life on September 11th 2001. I hope you will check back with me and read the tribute not because I think I am a writer but because I am an American citizen of these United States and i think it is something I can do for the family of the person who died in the attack.

I hope to be able to introduce you to one of those victims. I wonder if it is a man or a woman? I wonder if it will be a service person like a fireman, a police officer or someone who was just settling in for another day of work. I wonder what this person was like. I remember that day in September of 2001. I remember being numb and mad and sad and very, very angry.

I am still very, very angry.